While we remain open throughout this pandemic as Pet food and Supplies retailer are essential services, sadly pet grooming services are not considered essential. However if your pet is in distress, you can get grooming done but only for medical and not esthetic reasons at a Veterinary Clinic.
This means that effective immediately our grooming services are suspended until further notice in order for us to avoid any potential fines by the Province. Please stay safe, stay home except for absolute essentials like walking your dog, and please keep your physical distancing. We wish you all well during this very difficult time but as Gloria Gaynor sang, I Will Survive, we will survive.

Grooming Services


Dawn has been our professional groomer at Bark and Meow Pet Supplies for over 14 years. We groom one pet at a time in a private grooming room. The kind of one on one service and attention your furry baby deserves. We use only cruelty-free products for our grooming services. Full groom includes a bath hair cut and nail trim. Baths and nail trims can be done on their own.

Non-Invasisve Teeth Cleaning Services

Teeth Cleaning

We use a professional ultrasound toothbrush by mira-pet. And we use their enzymatic toothpaste that helps to remove tartar, reduce inflammation and cleans teeth. The toothbrush has no noise or vibration so no anesthesia is needed ever.

Before and After Grooming Services
Before and After Grooming Services
Before and After Non-Invasisve Teeth Cleaning

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