Welcome to Bark & Meow Pet Supplies, everyone’s favorite independent Pet Food & Supplies retailer in Toronto. We are Toronto's only retailer selling Ami, Evolution Diet and Benevo vegan food for dogs and cats. We select unique and premium food, treats and accessories as well as vegan and vegetarian
options the for your dogs, cats and other small animals.

We also provide grooming for dogs and cats of all sizes. Appointments are by phone only. Grooming appointments are on Saturdays and Mondays from
11:30am with the last appointment at 6pm only. We use only the highest quality cruelty free products to groom your babies. Our groomer Dawn has
many years of experience and also grooms at a few other locations.

In the above picture is Janey. She is the store's owner's owner! She is 15 years young, so she will only visit the store once in a while. It's too
exhausting for her to work behind the counter all day!

Our Services

Benevo Dog and Cat Food
Natural Balance Dog and Cat Food
Ami Dog and Cat Food
Kong Dog and Cat Toys
Boreal Dog and Cat Food
V-Planet Dog and Cat Food